Love Stories 


"When I tell the story of the birth of my son (who was my first child), one of the things I always emphasize is how happy I am that we had a doula to help us. In the weeks leading up to our son’s birth, Monita visited us to discuss what we wanted for our birth experience, to educate us about what to expect, and to give us tools and techniques to work on to prepare for labor.  During my labor, Monita was a superb coach, helping me to find labor positions that saw me through a completely un-medicated labor and delivery, and offering me the support I needed to maintain mental stamina. I had my son at Morningstar Birth Center, and Monita’s relationship with the staff there made the transition from laboring at home to laboring and giving birth at the Center as smooth as possible. When we went home, Monita was there to help us get settled. I can’t overemphasize how much I appreciated her professionalism, knowledge, and clear dedication to providing excellent care through the whole process of labor and deliver (including support before and after). I would enthusiastically recommend her as a doula, especially for anyone having their first child."
Katie & Ed


"We only knew Monita for a few short months, but we knew right away that she would be the perfect doula for us. She was very kind and gentle, but was also supportive in pushing me forward when I needed it. I would not have been able to get through our daughters birth with a clear mind if it wasn't for her. We are definelty wanting to hire her for our next pregnancy as well."

Jade and Sebastian

"I had the pleasure of attending a birth with Monita recently and was very impressed with her skill set and knowledge of the birthing process. She was attentive to her client and advocated for her in such a nurturing way. Monita was dedicated to supporting the family holistically by creating a peaceful environment and allowing open communication to unfold between the staff and the patient. I am always glad to see Monita on the floor when she is with a laboring mom. The care she gives is from the heart and her ability to anticipate the needs of the mother is effortless. As a veteran doula myself, I highly respect her and her work. She is one of a kind and I always look forward to working with her!"

Leanne, RN St. Lukes Hospital

"Mo was amazing and helped my wife have the birth SHE wanted. Of course, Mo had a lot of great information to help with a few decisions, but never did it feel like she was pushing us one direction or judging any choice my wife made. Our hospital experience started off with a lot of confusion and miscommunication between our Doctor and Hospital staff and it was great to have Mo in the room.

Mo literally was standing on the hospital bed in order to ease my wife unbearable pain with her super scarf powers. It was amazing and allowed me to focus on my wife. If Mo was not there, I know I would not have known to do what Mo did and if I tried wouldn't have done it as well (she is really strong and when I was on duty for applying pressure I could tell it was not helping my wife as much as when Mo was rocking it).

Also, we ate a lot of her grapes. Even her snacks were on point.

She captured many wonderful memories with her phone and even just wrote down things that were said or happened.

Mo was indispensable."